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Hawai'i Beaches- The Big Island:

The Island of Hawai’i is known by many names and has been experienced by many differing people and cultures through time. For purposes of clarity, it commonly referred to as the “Big Island of Hawai’i” or “The Big Island” in the english language.

The Big Island of Hawai’i is a volcanic island, located in the mid North Pacific Ocean, and is the eastern and most southern of the Hawaiian Island chain. It is home to two large mountains; “Mauna Loa” (13,677 feet above sea level) and “Mauna Kea” (13,796 feet above sea level), and comprises an area of 4,028 square miles (10,430 km2). It is larger than all the other Hawaiian Islands – combined. Also, it is similar in land mass to the State of Connecticut in the United States of America. It is surrounded by thousands of miles of aqua blue and warm Pacific Ocean.

Puuhonua o HonaunauThe most stunning and undeniable aspect of seeing the Big Island of Hawai’i is the varyingly beautiful and majestic coastline surrounding this jewel like Island. Dramatically differing colored sand beaches, lava beaches, rock beaches, jagged beaches, gentle beaches, sea shell beaches teaming with sea life, and mountainous steep cliff beaches – all await your arrival and enjoyment. And we want to help you enjoy every second of your visit to these marvels of nature!

These beaches of the Big Island of Hawai’i all tell stories from the past too. Rich history from today all the way back to the arrival of man on these islands; it all started on the beaches. These beaches can best be described as “Super Beaches”, and they are the intrinsic ingredient of a wonderful and rejuvenating vacation of a lifetime. Why not get started right away?

Hawai’i - Two Sides and Six Regions:

As with any land mass this large, you are going to find a wide variety of geography, geology, topography, coastal conditions, weather conditions and population varities. Hawai’i is no different. Rich naming traditions offered by the Hawaiian people provide us with the “Kona” side of the Island, which means the “leeward” or drier side of the Island, and the “Ko’olau” side of the Island, which is the “windward” or wetter and cooler side of the Island. Each of these two sides is divided into Regions that contain their own history and components that make them different, and essential to the land and beaches of Hawai’i.

Start exploring the wonderful beaches of the Big Island of Hawai’i through the web by selecting a Region, and then enjoying the beaches one by one. Each region is different and varied as each beach within the Region. Have fun and enjoy the sights, warmth, water and light of each individual Super Beach!

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Big Island Hawaii Beaches, Hawai'i Pictures:

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